Client Testimonials

Testimonials from some of Cupcake Girl’s happy customers (^^,) 

♡ ♡ ♡ - Twitter John Rau - teo magazine comment

“Gee! They look good!!” -Deputy Premier of South Australia, Hon. John Rau MP

“Warning: you will not want to eat Cupcake Girl’s cupcakes. Well you do, because the creamy, sweet icing atop her moist chocolate or vanilla cupcakes are ridiculously moorish, but at the same time you will want to savour every moment and take 1000 pictures of these divinely decorated cakes rather than “ruin them” by biting into them.

Cupcake Girl is not just an incredibly talented cake decorator but also baker. She was quick to respond to my enquiry and came up with a delightful theme for all cupcakes provided for our event with few details from me as to what I was looking for. She is so friendly, professional and great to work with. I couldn’t imagine not having Cupcake Girl’s cakes at any birthday, baby shower or special occasion in the future.”

– Chloe Reschke-Maguire – Yelp Adelaide


“Thank you for sponsoring TEO Magazine’s launch party and generously donating a large amount of mini cupcakes and some feature cupcakes, personalised to TEO’s style. Guests were extremely impressed by both quality and presentation and the cupcakes were a huge hit, circulating all over social media due to your amazing craftsmanship – this was another bonus as the cupcake photos all over the internet added to the event’s exposure.

Not only were the products amazing but the whole experience was amazing – you went above and beyond to ensure we received exactly what we wanted, delivered the cupcakes yourselves, on time for the event and were extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with!

Thank you again for wonderful service and amazing cupcakes. TEO Magazine can’t express enough that we are so very grateful for your sponsorship for our big night and for adding to success of our launch! x x x x”

– TEO Magazine


“We ordered cupcakes for our wedding last month and the cupcakes were fantastic and all beautifully designed. More importantly the very outstanding service. I would like to say thank you very much for the great experience and I would definitely recommend you to others !!” – Annabelle

“Our sister had her baby shower and we ordered beautiful desserts from Cupcake Girl. She was very professional and made sure we got everything that we wanted and also provided some helpful ideas. Cupcake Girl is so talented and meticulous and the items we ordered were so gorgeous – so much that the guests were reluctant to eat it! All the desserts made our candy table all the more lovely and it tasted so delicious! I will definitely love to try the different ranges available and would recommend her to friends and family.” – Cecilia C.

“For my 30th birthday I ordered the ‘Hamburger’ cupcakes. I’m always looking for something fun and different and these cupcakes definitely fit the bill! They were beautifully made – so many people at the party thought that they were mini burgers! And they tasted great too.” – Shari K.

“How awesome is this amazeball cake??! Made by my good friend, cupcake girl!!” – Dbites

“Your baking creative skills are f***ing amazing babe! So proud!” – Froth & Cloth/Anne’s Anchorage

“Thank you for making our wedding day a special one, we loved the cupcakes!” – Brandon & Kasey

“We are so very thankful for the cupcakes that you made, decorated and organized. We’ve heard so much positive feedback from our guests about how delicious the cupcakes were and how awesome they looked, and we know that it was made straight from your heart! Lots of love xoxo” – Ilana & Nigel

Unlimited amount of creativity, with nothing less of perfection.. Shes bonkers “only the best ones are” =).. trust me they taste as good as they look. Cupcake Girl FTW! – Andrew N.

“I love the chocolate cupcakes. The cake is rich and moist and the icing is so fine and light, it melts in your mouth”. – Joanna

“I wouldnt have asked anyone else to make our pokemon cakepops. thank you cupcake girl – for the memories you have given my child.” – Kallie

“I have tried many chocolate cupcakes but this one got the balance just right! You can’t help wanting a second or a third, or maybe a fourth.” – JP

“Awesome!” “How many is too many??” – Ben

“I ordered cakepops for my birthday from Cupcake Girl and brought some into work. Let’s just say, a fair few people came back for seconds and commented on how surprisingly moist the inside was! It’s one of the yummiest sweets I’ve tasted and I’m not much of a sweet tooth either. And it was so intricately designed by Lien. Nom nom nom. Definitely a must try!” – Annie C.

“They were the life of the party!” – Sharon

“I really appreciate good workmanship and yours is so damn good!” – repugnantau

“These cupcakes have just the right amount of sweetness. The cupcake itself is moist and light and combined with the icing is a great treat.” – J.

“It was very nice with fantastic decoration as well. Everyone in my family all love your cupcakes!” – Nga & Phuong

“Beautiful result. Tasted amazing! Thanks for everything Lien!” – Jenny C.

“Thank you! We think the cupcakes look amazing and smell so good! I feel reluctant to eat it as they look so pretty :-D.” “I just had one. They were yummy! Moist and not too sweet. Perfect cupcakes! Thank you!” – Chee-Fong C.

“That is beautiful! I’m gob-smacked. Thank you! :-) :-) :-)” – Chris C.

“You think it’s pretty? Wait till you taste it! =)” – Hung N.

“My cake is awesome!” – Gracie

“Oh dude, your Tim Tam cupcakes were bombbbb diggityyy!” – Neon Tiger

“Tim Tam cupcake! omg best ever!!! Thanks!” – Sok L.

“We just had a small taste of the cake (I was too scared to cut it, it looks so good!). And it’s delicious! So soft inside & the icing is amazing!! Love the texture & right amount of sweetness :) You’re the best! xx – Jeska VD.

“i am soooo amazed at all your beautiful masterpieces! and im very proud of you! :)” – Ha S.

“Omfg it looks like a toy! So Epic!” – R.

“Thank you so much for your hard effort in making Jennifer’s 1st birthday cake. It turned out amazing! Many good comments were made on the day :)” – Eda D.

“Just wanna say thank you so much really appreciate it… Raiden and the kids love it!” – Julie N.

“Damn girl! That’s omg! Amazing!!!” – Thi V.

“Thanks for the cupcakes, I thoroughly enjoyed them!!!” – Phuong

“Om nom nom” “I love it!” – Michelle N.

“Wtf that is ahhhmazingggggg!” – Nomz

“Thanks for the adorable cake.” Xxx – Muffin

“Your cupcake designs are so cute” – Jess L.

“………………………………………..” – Hoa T.

“Thank you so much… Hoa was speechless…” – Abigail

“Beautiful cakes!” – Gloria D.

“The cupcakes were a big hit, both banana and chocolate cupcakes were very yummy. I’m usually not a fan of cream and only eat the cake part but the buttercream and chocolate tasted delicious together!” – Eda

“Omg your cookies were so nice!! Feel free to make some more!” – Pacey

“Cupcake Girl’s edible delights are a true treasure to the eyes and a delicious mouthful of sweetness to fulfill any sweet tooth of all ages” – Thu B.

“Oh WOW! Your baking is amazing!! You’ve totally taken the cake making art to a new level… And kicked ass! ;) Everything looks so delicious! And so perfect! You are a girl of many talents! hehe” – Mermaid

“You are very talented & awesome” – Kam

“Yum!” – Vantho

“Thanks again so much. Can’t begin to tell you how appreciative of not the gift itself but to whom it’s from… A huge hit! tasted as good as it looked!. I am shocked how good it looks” #sexyas #couldntloveyoumore – Darren F.

“Too pretty to eat!!” – C

“The sweetest cakepops around!!” – Vivian D.

“OMG!!! too beautiful! Oh baby, you’re my cake lady for my wedding and every other occasion!”- Dalena D.

“You should open up a cupcake store” – Johnny D.

“The cupcakes were delicious, especially the banana one! ” – Amy T.

“Bear bear..!” – Chloe

(After father took away the cake) “Upset now haha once seen cannot unsee lol I think it exceeded all expectations… 2yr old equivalent of mind blown lol thanks sooo much!” – Howie L.

“The cake is so beautiful and Chloe loves it! Thank you again for the lovely cake, you are very talented!” – Shirley Y.

“You are very talented. Should open a bakery and I can assure you I will be your loyal customer” – Fransisca A.

“Wow they look amazing!” – Nigel C.

“Thank you so much for the cupcakes- I had one and IT WAS SO YUMMY! So talented! ” “YOU ARE AMAZING!!! THEY LOOK SO PROFESSIONAL!!!” – Thanh N.

“Wow. It looks awesome! I’ll book you for mine! :-D Keep up the good work! :-D – Tam N.

*munch munch* Daniel N.

“Gorgeous, everyone really liked it!” – Dan

“The cake was really delicious and looked really good! Sophie really enjoyed the cake with her friends, thanks a lot!” – Liu Fei T.

“Simply amazing! Very proud of you” – Sunnary K.

“Omg best cupcake!” – Naomi N.

“It was delicious, still moist! :) Soooo yummy!! My family thinks the same! My sister really liked the taste of the cupcakes too – not too sweet :-) ” – Helen P.

“Cupcake Girl’s banana cupcake is one of the most delicious cupcakes I’ve ever tasted! It is moist, not too sweet and you can really taste the bananas. My kids love eating it!” – Tran

2 Comments on “Client Testimonials

  1. i wouldnt have asked anyone else to make our pokemon cakepops. thank you cupcake girl – for the memories you have given my child. kallie

  2. Thank you for your extemely sweet testimonial Kallie <3 I try my best to think of the person receiving the product and what would make their heart smile (o^__^o). I'm so glad your daughter loved the cakepops! Just as much as I enjoyed making them :)) xXx

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