Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I order?

A. All of Cupcake Girl’s orders are initially made through online communication.

Please submit an Order Enquiry Form for all order enquires. Wedding Order Enquiries can be submitted here.

All other questions not relating to general order enquiries or wedding order enquiries can be directed to Contact.

Q. Do you sell cakes, cakepops and cookies as well?

A. Cupcake Girl specialises in cupcakes for all occasions, providing cupcake catering for events and functions. For the time being she is focusing on cupcakes only.

Q. Your cupcakes look great, but how do they taste?

A. Cupcake Girl uses only the finest quality ingredients and bakes all of her cupcakes, cakes, cakepops and cookies fresh from scratch. Customer’s can really tell the difference in Cupcake Girl’s cupcakes/cakes, see Cupcake Girl’s Client Testimonial page for some first hand  honest opinions and reviews. Or better yet, why don’t you try for yourself ;) You be the judge! :)

Q. Do you have a shop front?

A.  Cupcake Girl currently operates as a home-based business.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Cupcake Girl is located in the North-Western suburbs of Adelaide, close to Day’s Road and approximately 15 minutes from the CBD. Full address will be provided with your order confirmation.

Q. Do you offer delivery?

A. We currently offer delivery for certain order packages only within Adelaide. Delivery fee will be included in the package if selected. Please contact Cupcake Girl to check if we can deliver to your location.

Q. Is there a minimum order amount?

A. Cupcake Girl requires a minimum order amount of $100. You can select any combination and mix and match ranges if you wish so long as your total order is a minimum of $100.  Please note there is also a minimum of one flavour per box e.g. box of x12 classic (regular size) or x24 munchkin (mini size) cupcakes.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. Cupcake Girl caters for a lot of events, in particular weddings, engagement parties and other big milestone celebrations. For certain package selections Cupcake Girl creates all of your requested products and will personally deliver it to your event venue and set up the cupcake/cake display as arranged with you.

Q. Do you charge more for wedding orders?

A. No, Cupcake Girl’s prices are dependant on the labour time involved in the design. All of Cupcake Girl’s prices are the same no matter what the occasion. We do however ask that you provide more notice for wedding orders as it allows us more time to prepare, especially if it’s a large order and you require set up service and delivery.

Q. Can you make licensed character cupcakes/cakes e.g. Mickey Mouse, Elmo etc?

A. It is unfortunate for Cupcake Girl to say this because she loves creating licensed character cakes for her own personal occasions. However,  by law she cannot ‘sell’ licensed characters or brand name cakes as that would be infringing copyright laws.

This is a common dilemma for cake decorators, the only thing we can do is try and create something similar around the theme but it cannot be exact. For instance, we can create the base background scenery and purchase the licensed character figurines to put on the cake/cupcake. Cupcake Girl can also create her own versions of different characters.

There are plenty of other designs that Cupcake Girl can do that would suit any occasion as imagination is unlimited so the possibilities are really endless. Cupcake Girl is more than happy to work around things with you to create a cake/cupcakes of your requirements so long as they are legal to do so.

Q. How come I’ve seen other businesses sell licensed character cakes?

A. They may or may not have purchased a direct licensing agreement with the brand company to be able to sell the licensed cake.

Cupcake Girl has personally been in contact with a few company’s including Disney and Sanrio to acquire a licensing agreement. For some company’s such as Sanrio they do not offer it at this stage (believe me, I’ve tried!) and for others it requires an extensive processes for established businesses only (e.g. Walt Disney). So if you see businesses selling Mickey Mouse cakes or Louis Vuitton handbag cakes etc, either they have bought a licensed agreement direct with the company (which is a very tedious process for every popular licensed brand out there), or they are unaware of the legalities of copyright law or they don’t mind breaching the law and risking the closure of their business.

Q. What if I purchased licensed character toys, edible image, toppers to place on the cupcake/cake?

A. Yes you may do so, you have bought their licensed product and therefore you have the right to use it how you wish if that means putting it on top of a cupcake/cake at your party. If you would like to go this way, Cupcake Girl would be happy to create the base cupcake/cake with matching colour etc to the theme and character so long as what she is creating is not trademarked.

Any further questions? Please feel free to contact Cupcake Girl via Contact, she is very friendly and would be more than happy to help answer all your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you ;)

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